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Name:T H Ξ T A Θ Leona Miller
Birthdate:May 19


real name >> Leona Miller
code name >> Theta
team >> Gray
weapon >> Sniper Rifle
status >> ACTIVE

Theta, born Leona Miller, was originally your typical high school student who entertained dreams of becoming a nurse and a mother of three. All of that fell short when her boyfriend for two years went ballistic and tried to kill her. Her brother, who was with her at the time, saved her by accidentally slitting her boyfriend's throat with a cardboard cutter. Unfortunately, the jury found them both guilty of pre-meditated murder and they were shipped off to Monochrome.

Given new names, Leona became Theta and a Gray, unfortunate but not as bad as her brother who became Delta and a Color. With the entire game seeking to kill Delta, Theta swore she would repay the favor and never let that happen. Thus began the story of Theta and Delta who tried to do all they could to survive the game long enough to get out.

Monochrome is the name of a government corrective facility. In other words, a prison. Effectively, it is a sealed off city in a biological warfare hot zone with absolutely no means of escape save one gate that is under guard at all times. Convicted criminals are brought in every other month and given one weapon and a side to fight for, usually Black or White. The rules are fairly simple, kill everyone on the other side and win your freedom.

To spice things up, occasionally someone other than a Black or White will be assigned. Grays, who are neutral and can fight for either side and Colors who are wild cards. Grays tend to be considered neutral/mercenaries while Colors are highly sought after. This is because anyone who kills a Color, White, Black or Gray, automatically wins their personal freedom from Monochrome.

One other thing of note is that everyone in Monochrome is on a time limit. If you don't win the round fast enough, the infection of the hot zone will spread inside your body and will eventually send your brain into overdrive. Essentially, you'll go crazy and try to kill everyone and everything making you both ineligible to be freed and a target for Cleaners who don't want the disease to spread.

DeltaΔ >> ACTIVE | Color | Brother | Shotgun
Delta is Theta's older brother and the only person she would trust with her life.
GammaΓ >> ACTIVE | White | Friend | Halberd
Gamma is the Lieutenant of the White team. He's one of the few who wants to help Theta & Delta escape.
OmegaΩ >> INACTIVE | Black | Friend | Katar
Omega was one of the first people to understand what the siblings were going through and to try and help them for it. Subsequently, he was killed because of that.
XiΞ >> ACTIVE | Gray | Unknown | Longsword
Xi started off trying to kill Delta but lately his motivations are unknown because he keeps helping them. It could be said he's only doing it so that he gets to kill Delta instead of someone else.
SigmaΣ >> INACTIVE | Color | Handgun
Sigma was the only other active Color in Monochrome when Theta and her brother entered and also the person to teach them the ropes. Despite the siblings' efforts to keep him alive, he was killed by Beta.
PsiΨ >> ACTIVE | Color | Unknown | Rifle
Psi is the newest Color to enter the playing field and is only a child. Theta wants to help her but she's too frightened and is currently on the run from everyone.
ZetaZ >> INACTIVE | Gray | Friend | Combat Knife
Zeta was neutral and a veteran of the game who spent his time protecting younger players. Eventually the hot zone drove him insane and Theta was forced to kill him.

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